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Employee Team Building | Diversity Training Videos

Updated: May 31, 2018

Human resources professionals class is in session! We are about to make your Employee Team Building and Diversity Training much easier. Possibly we are going to change your corporate culture for the better.

Here are the takeaways for those of you who are extremely busy.

  • Employee Team Building and Diversity Training are complimentary objectives

  • The documentary film, Invitation to the Dance addresses both

  • Your HR training program will benefit from thousands of hours of production and editing

  • Associates will be drawn in to this heartwarming story

  • Leasing Invitation to the Dance is very inexpensive and will save money in your training budget

  • A documentary film is a superior medium for classroom training

  • For special events the filmmaker can be engaged to address your group and/or facilitate discussions

If you need to look busy for the boss or are genuinely interested in improving teamwork and cooperation in your organization let's go into a bit more detail.

How hard did you wince when you saw the news report describing the nightmare scenario recently at Starbucks? How could a progressive company like Starbucks have associates who would play the "police card" so foolishly and quickly? Maybe just as importantly, WHY didn't one of the other team members at that Starbucks location council against such a foolish action?

It is likely that the store manager made the decision without consulting any of the other team members.

Having a top-down management scheme that doesn't nurture or allow for input by subordinate team members is a recipe for disaster. Progressive companies, those that want to be good employers and good citizens enjoying amazing customer loyalty, have taken team building to a new level. In the airline industry this new level is called Crew Resource Management. CRM doesn't supplant the traditional model of management hierarchy. CRM does,however, nurture input from even the most junior associate. All associates are trained in the art of respectfully offering suggestions. All supervisory associates are trained to actively solicit and nurture input from the more junior employees. Supervisors and managers are trained to respect any and all suggestions. If an associate suggestion is a good one it should be used and credit given to the author. If a suggestion, in the opinion of the manager, isn't feasible, a polite explanation should be given with a reassuring invitation for any future suggestions.

Another traditional model that deserves to be broken revolves around the definition of a "team". Traditionally functional subgroups constituted a team whether the team was officially designated or not. These functional subgroups may have existed on a production floor,in a services group or in a retail environment. Now, the most successful companies consider a team as beginning in the board room and extending all the way down to the janitorial staff. The same nurturing and respect for different suggestions should be honored from top to bottom in any successful organization. Again, these are vital attributes to effective CRM.

What, you say, do Employee Team Building and Diversity Training have in common? As you will more easily see in the film Invitation to the Dance, Diversity Training doesn't necessarily involve promoting understanding and empathy with people of different ethnicities, sexual orientation or physical limitations. Instead, if we broaden our concept of diversity we can easily see that anyone, on any given day, can be suffering a life event that markedly changes their personality and ability to function. In such a circumstance Diversity Training comes into play within the team. Team members who, heretofore, may have been skillful, thoughtful and reliable suddenly put an obstacle in the way of the other team members' ability to meet the expectations of managers, customers and other team members.

One of the principal characters in the documentary film Invitation to the Dance, Carmen, makes a very profound statement. She says "Everybody has their limitations... Everybody!" When you and your associates view the film as part of diversity training in the workplace, a new concept will begin to be formed. That concept is "every team member has the potential for a bad day". When that team member,who is otherwise a star player, has a bad day how do the other team members react? Do they pretend to ignore their teammate in distress? Do they complain behind the team member's back or, worse, complain to the supervisor? Or do they use the tools that you can give to your associates via CRM training to acknowledge the problem and find ways to help her or him cope?

Invitation to the Dance is not only skillfully crafted entertainment. It's a powerful life lesson reduced to a one hour, heartwarming film. Even though the subject of the film is the reaction of special needs adults to ballet training, the film effectively broadens our definition of diversity. In the film you will see a group of intellectually challenged adults who have specific duties requiring little interaction with others. As the experiment of ballet training for this diverse group begins to develop you begin to see unanticipated benefits. The group begins to operate as a team. They begin to notice each other's limitations. They recognize when someone is having a bad day and offer coping skills even though they have had no training to do so.

Does this sound like the kind of workplace goal you would like for your company? I'll bet it does.

We can give you the keystone to creating a broader, more nurturing idea of teamwork in the workplace. We can redefine diversity. It includes individuals with known differences and /or challenges and also includes team mates with unexpected difficult circumstances. In either case an ideal corporate environment recognizes that everybody, including our customers, has limitations and we are prepared to consistently provide a great product or service while taking care of our associates and customers.

Call us. Invitation to the Dance is one of the tools to make your amazing company even more amazing.

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For a more detailed description of the genesis of Invitation to the Dance click here.

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