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Filmmaker (etc)

This page is intended to offer insight

into the things I do / have done.

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I had been curious about what film actors experienced in the process of making movies - so in my early thirties I enrolled in a Meisner technique acting class. That led to hours, months, years of classes, workshops, reading, watching, listening, experiencing, working, and at long last understanding what it takes to be a good film actor. While I'm no Meryl, Frances, Jessica (I could go on and on) I can at least tell you what they are doing. It's a talent and a skill and it's a beautiful gift to the world at that level. I simply attempt.



Always been a dancer -

first in my living room, then in classes (every kind

a person take), then in a ballet company and in shows.

Then I taught everywhere I could teach, choreographed every song I was inspired by, and tried to build a professional dance school.

Then I burned out.

But THEN I started choreographing for bankers at TD Bank and making a movie and recovered from the burnout.

Now I choreograph for the love of music and people.

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